LED uniform case UV acrylic

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Front-opening LED uniform case UV acrylic specification

This is a product with an LED light installed on the inner upper part of the front-opening uniform case. By illuminating the uniform, the production effect can be enhanced.

You can easily frame the uniform by opening the front door and setting the uniform on the attached hanger.

All corners of the dedicated hanger are rounded so as not to damage the framed item.

A 2m long AC adapter and an ON/OFF switch are included.
In order to hide the adapter wire as much as possible, the cord escapes from the top of the case, making it invisible from the front.

* UV acrylic blocks more than 97% of UV rays and prevents external light deterioration of stored items. (Manufacturer research)

Suggestions for how to use

・The LED bar light illuminates the uniform nicely. There is no doubt that it will be exciting if you decorate it in a sports bar.

・Increase the variety of performances at stadiums, stores, and at night.

product size
[M size]
・External dimensions 960x800x98mm ・Internal dimensions 900x740x77mm
・Weight 7.5kg

[L size]
・External dimensions 1160x960x98mm ・Internal dimensions 1100x900x77mm
・Weight 11kg

Product accessories ・Exclusive hanger ・AC adapter ・UV acrylic (2.0mm)
* We also handle products with normal acrylic specifications.

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