Create a beautiful look with a picture frame

Aruna's products are manufactured using our own factories and partner factories both in Japan and overseas, and we have built a production system that meets your needs, from single piece production to mass production. We offer a variety of "frames" that add color to your life, mainly aluminum frames, but also oil paintings, drawings, posters, and custom frames for uniforms, bats, records, etc.

Each piece is handmade

Aluna's domestic factory is located in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Kagoshima Prefecture is where the current chairman spent his childhood, and where the company was founded in 1989. The production of frames is basically made to a special size. Workers will make the products according to the order details. The entire process from wrapping the surface material to an extruded aluminum material called a rod, cutting it, assembling it, inspecting it, packaging it, and shipping it is carried out in our factory. We strive to create each product with sincerity, using precise processes using machines and detailed work by hand. Previously, we were based on low-mix, high-volume production, but now we have built a production system that can quickly respond to a variety of needs through high-mix, small-lot production.

As a room interior manufacturer

Aruna currently produces approximately 300,000 pieces per year. There are a wide variety of things to display, such as memorable photos, certificates you received when you won, oil paintings, and autographed uniforms. However, what we have in common is that after displaying the work in the frame, many people say, "Wow" and "That's wonderful," and feel the joy of displaying it. Although Japan is more reluctant to make holes in walls than in Europe and the United States, we are developing and proposing parts and products that can be used to easily display picture frames, creating a room that can add color to the lives of as many people as possible. I would like to become an interior maker.

Company Profile

Founded in 1967 (Showa 42)

Representative Director: Dai Yukiyama

Location Aruna Head Office: Room 7, Shimane Building 22, 2-2-2 Higashikawaguchi, Kawaguchi, Saitama 333-0801
Aluna Kagoshima Factory: 551-7 Kamidoko, Reimizu-cho, Satsumasendai, Kagoshima 895-0053


Aruna Head Office: TEL.048-291-9309 / FAX.048-291-9409
Aruna Kagoshima Factory: TEL.0996-27-0881 / FAX.0996-27-0882