Ordering instructions

  • 1. Select your desired product color and quantity from the online store and click "Add to Cart"
  • 2. Proceed to "Proceed to purchase procedure"
  • 3. Enter customer information *If you use a mobile phone email address or webmail, you may not receive the automatic email. Please check your spam email settings, etc.
  • Four. Select shipping method
  • Five. Select payment method
  • 6. Confirm your order details and click "Complete Order" to complete the process.
  • 7. You will receive an order confirmation email (automatically sent)
  • Your order is not confirmed when you add an item to your cart. You may not be able to purchase if there is a high number of accesses by the time the purchase procedure is completed.
  • Please note that the products shown may differ slightly in color and texture.
  • We do not accept orders for the purpose of reselling products. If we determine that you are purchasing a product for the purpose of resale, such as by purchasing a large quantity of a specific product or ordering the same product multiple times, we may cancel your order regardless of whether the order has been completed. You may receive it. Please note


      • You can pay by credit card, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay or PayPal.
      • Credit Cards <br>Types of credit cards that can be used: VISA, MasterCard, American Express , JCB
        *Debit cards issued by the credit card companies listed above can also be used.

        • Notes
          • If your credit card information is incorrect, we may contact you to confirm or cancel your order.

        Regarding delivery

        • Ordered products will be shipped by Seino Super Express or Fukuyama Transport.
          Since this is a made-to-order product, it will take approximately 10 days for delivery after payment is completed.

          *If there is a high volume of orders, such as immediately after a business holiday, it may take some time before shipping.

          Shipping fee is ¥ 1,650 (tax included) nationwide. Whether you are shipping one piece or two or more pieces, we will ship it for ¥1,650 (tax included).

          Notes regarding shipping

            • Once the product has been shipped, we cannot change the delivery address, change the contents, or cancel the order.
            • Each order will be shipped to one location.
            • All orders placed on the online store will be delivered by delivery.
            • Delivery may be delayed due to reasons such as delivery area, traffic, weather, etc.
            • If you are not present at the time of delivery of the product, please check the delivery number issued by the delivery company or the "package number" sent to you via shipping email, and contact the transportation office indicated on the delivery notice. Please contact us directly within days.
            • If your package is returned to us due to long-term absence or refusal to receive it, we may charge you the round-trip shipping fee and reshipping fee.

          Regarding returns, exchanges, and cancellations

          ●After confirming your order

          We will accept cancellations or changes to your order before the product is shipped. Please contact us by phone, email, or contact form within 24 hours after completing your order.

          ●After the product arrives

          • In the case of returns or exchanges due to customer convenience

            • We will accept returns for unused products within 7 days of delivery to the customer. Return shipping charges will be borne by the customer. For returns or exchanges, please contact us in advance within 7 days of receiving the product.

          • We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases :

            • Products that have been used once
            • If scratches, dirt, or damage occur at the customer's location.
            • Products without boxes or parts
            • If the product was not purchased from the aluna-frame online shop
            • Products that have been delivered for more than 8 days
            • If aluna is not contacted in advance

          • In the case of a return or exchange due to a defect on our part
            • If there is a possibility that the product is incorrect, has scratches, dirt, or initial defects, please contact the aluna-frame online store. We will respond as soon as possible.
              If it is determined that the defect is on our part, we will cover the round-trip shipping costs and, in principle, we will exchange the item for the same item (in the unlikely event that we are unable to exchange it for a non-defective item, we will issue a refund).