bat case

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bat case

It is a collection case dedicated to front-opening bats.

You can easily frame it by opening the front door and setting it in the holder.

Not only can it be placed vertically or horizontally, but it can also be hung on the wall using the included hanger. You can decorate any place.

A simple frame with a clean shape that goes well with various types of spaces and interiors.

Special holders for the head and grip are included, so you don't have to worry about scratching or soiling the bat while fixing it.

The acrylic on the surface has normal specifications and UV specifications, and the UV specifications prevent deterioration of framed items from outside light.

Using domestically produced aluminum, it is manufactured by skilled craftsmen in our own workshop in Kagoshima, and its strength is reliable.

Compatible bat size/bat length 820~880mm
・Head diameter 65~68mm ・Grip diameter 30~35mm

Product size ・External dimensions 1059x209x98mm ・Internal dimensions 1000x150x77mm
・Weight 5kg

Product accessories ・Butt holder (for head and grip)
・Hanging hardware for vertical and horizontal ・String ・Acrylic (usually 1.5mm or UV 2mm)