Glove case (T25)

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Glove case (T25)

New to the Collection Case, we have created a case dedicated to gloves.

Please decorate your room by framing it in a dedicated case to commemorate the game that shook your heart and the days spent with memorable players and friends.

The effective space of the pentahedron of the acrylic box of the desktop case is 300mm.

An acrylic stand dedicated to the glove case is available.

Since you can also choose without a dedicated acrylic stand,
In addition to gloves, various three-dimensional items and works can be framed.

Product size / effective space: length 300 x width 300 x height 297 mm
・Frame size: length 319x width 319x height 320mm
・ Acrylic BOX: Length 304 x Width 304 x Height 302 mm
・Weight 3kg

Accessories ・2mm acrylic box ・Back plate MDF
・ Dedicated acrylic stand (only if it comes with a stand)