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ALUMIUM Series01 "CUT"

The presence as a picture frame is thin so that the work becomes the main,
However, as an interior, something simple and elegant

The development of this product started from this seemingly contradictory idea.

Designed by a graphic designer with a background in architecture.
It was completed by a professional of space and work production and a skilled craftsman of frame manufacturing.

As the name suggests, this product named "CUT"
Each face in a simple picture frame is shaped like a cut.

From this, when viewed from the front, the shadow of the forehead does not fall on the work,
You can concentrate on the work without being too conscious of the forehead.
Furthermore, when viewed from an angle, the sides are chamfered (cut),
It has become a picture frame with a light impression and elegance that seems to float from the wall.

The surface of "Matte Black" and "Matte Silver" adopts shot blasting and applies matte coating,
Produces a sense of quality and a sense of quality of the aluminum material.

It is the perfect product for those who want something simple and classy.


Since its release as a premium aluminum picture frame, "CUT" has been well received by professionals such as designers, photographers and contemporary artists. Received the 2019 GOOD DESIGN Award. This is the first achievement in 30 years for an aluminum picture frame.

Furthermore, in 2020, he won the “Design For ASIA dFA Award 2020”.
This product is highly rated even from overseas.

Suggestions for how to use

・By making the cross section strong, it is possible to handle sizes larger than A1.
・It can be attached to various works such as photographs, posters, and contemporary art.

details of contents

Acrylic 2mm UV acrylic, cardboard 1.5mm+3mm, MDF 2.5mm

Sizes with short sides of 202 mm or less and lengths of 1031 mm or more are washers.

Please see below for how to use the "iron lock lever" used in the ALUMIUM series and how to frame it.