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The simple and flat design has a moderate presence and the 30mm frame width can be displayed regardless of the atmosphere of the room.

In addition, since it has a depth of 11 mm, it is easy to match with any work, and you can enjoy framing with a mat.

Available in 6 colors.

From the inorganic and elegant beauty of silver to the natural and easy-to-match wood grain, the clean white, and the majestic Sotatsu that can be matched with Japanese-style works.

With a simple shape design and abundant color variations, it is a frame that is very easy to handle.

Suggestion of utilization method

・We also support large sizes. Large sizes such as A-1, B-1, and 800 square can be used with confidence.

・Neo White is a frame that is in high demand for weddings. Please use it as a frame for your wedding photo.