"DUO" and "SLICE" from the premium aluminum plaque "ALUMIUM" series have received the 2022 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion).

"DUO" is an unprecedented product that can always be displayed vertically by reviewing the position of the hanging tool. "SLICE" is a product that is simple yet has a luxurious feel, and is a product that has a good balance of appearance and usability, as it can be taken in and out from the back.

Details of the award can be found below.
Good Design Award Press Release DUO_SLICE

Evaluation comments from judges
"An aluminum picture frame designed so that the hanger is placed in the center of the side instead of the back so that it does not bow at an angle. Because of the structure that hangs from the center of the side, it is possible to display it without bowing even when the frame is connected vertically. It was highly evaluated for its ability to use both the flat surface and the surface with linear unevenness, as well as the fact that there is little exposed hanging hardware. ”

Product purchase page DUO – aluna-frame

Evaluation comments from judges
“The frame has a slight slope inward from the rim that creates sharp shadows. , If you look closely, you can see that consideration has been given to details such as the subtle angle of the slope, the accuracy of the seams, and the adjustment of the R, which enhances the resolution of the product.”

Product purchase page SLICE – aluna-frame

Please buy it at this opportunity.

Written by ユキヤマタケシ

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