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ALUMINUM Series 03 "RIM"

The shadow created by the frame becomes a beautiful decoration

Large or small shadows are formed on the picture frame.
The shadow cast on the work sometimes makes it difficult to see the work,
The forehead stands out more,
The forehead may have a negative image in relation to the lighting.

By eliminating the negative elements as much as possible and creating shadows,
I thought about coloring the forehead itself.

As the name suggests, RIM is a simple picture frame with a rim around the forehead.
A 1 mm thick, 5 mm high rim surrounds the frame, giving the frame a small depth.
By adding this edge and depth, the brilliance and three-dimensional effect running along the edge quietly produce a work.

In addition, the part that holds the work itself is also the thinnest among ALUMIUM.
This makes the whole thing feel like it's made from a single thin sheet of aluminum.
In fact, it's a very thin structure, but it's also strong thanks to the rim around it.

In addition, by using this edge part,
It is also possible to lay it flat and display it using an acrylic box.

Designed by a graphic designer with a background in architecture,
It features a design that blends into the space while directing the work.


Since its release as a premium aluminum picture frame, "RIM" has been well received by professionals such as designers, photographers and contemporary artists. Received the 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award.

Suggestions for how to use

・Not only can it be hung on the wall, but it can also be placed flat. You can also cover the inside of the rim with acrylic and put an acrylic box in it to display a three-dimensional work.
・It can be attached to various works such as photographs, posters, and contemporary art.
- The aluminum frame has a shot blasted matte coating on the surface, giving it both the texture and luxury of aluminum.

details of contents

Acrylic 2mm UV acrylic, cardboard 1.5mm+3mm, MDF 2.5mm

Sizes with short sides of 202 mm or less and lengths of 1031 mm or more are washers.

If the length of the short side is 1000 mm or more, please contact us separately.