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The wonders of picture frames and framing.

Whether it's a child's drawing, a family photo, or a ticket from a trip, putting it in a frame will give it a different look.

The well-dressed works begin to eloquently express their charm.

The designer was a graphic designer with an architectural background.
It was completed by professionals in space and production, and skilled craftsmen in frame manufacturing.

"FILLET" is a picture frame that is cut diagonally from the front to the side and has a wider fillet (corner radius) added to it.

By gently connecting the flat surfaces and adding large radii to the corners, we created a soft appearance.

The shape that curves inward from the sides to the back makes it feel less bulky.

This frame combines the sophisticated luxury of the ALUMIUM Series with a gentle impression.

``FILLET'', which has no sharp edges, is a frame that is suitable for works with a soft atmosphere, such as children's drawings or family photos.

The surfaces of ``Matte Black'' and ``Matte Silver'' are shot-blasted and coated with a matte coating, giving them a nice curved feel and a luxurious feel with the feel of aluminum.

This is the perfect product for those who want something simple and classy.

The ``dragonfly style'' method of loading and unloading works from the back makes it easy to set up and replace works.

Suggestions on how to use it

・It is made to be compatible with large sizes of A1 or larger.
- Can be attached to a wide range of works such as children's drawings, family photos, posters, and contemporary art.

Details of contents

Acrylic 2mm UV acrylic/Cardboard 1.5mm+3mm/MDF2.5mm

Washer screw specifications are used for sizes with a short side of 202 mm or less and a long side of 1031 mm or more.