DUO double-sided acrylic

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ALUMIUM Series 05 "DUO" Double-sided acrylic specification

DUO is simple, with a "flat" side,
It is a picture frame that can be used on two sides, the "line" side with band-shaped decorations.
By using acrylic on both sides, it is possible to display the work as if it were floating.

By changing the position of the fastener from the conventional frame,
It can be beautifully displayed vertically against the wall and can be admired in an ideal form.

In addition, by moving the fasteners and hangings to the surroundings, both sides of the frame can be used as display surfaces, creating a design with a different atmosphere.
Designed by a graphic designer with a background in architecture. It features a design that blends into the space while directing the work.

Two Arakawa Grips, which are used all over the world, are standard equipment for the exhibition metal fittings. We guarantee a smooth exhibition and reliable quality.
When ordering, please be sure to specify whether the frame is to be mounted vertically or horizontally on the wall.

In the case of double-sided acrylic specifications, it is assumed that an object with a thickness of about 5 mm will be inserted.
If you put something thinner than that, the work may fall or the acrylic plate may wobble within the frame.


Since its release as a premium aluminum picture frame, "DUO" has been well received by professionals such as designers, photographers and contemporary artists. Received the 2022 GOOD DESIGN Award.

Suggestions for how to use

・The frame can be hung vertically, making it ideal for environments with picture rails, etc.

・Both sides with different designs serve as display surfaces, and can be used according to the work.

・It can be attached to a wide range of works such as photographs, posters, and contemporary art.

details of contents

・Two hanging metal fittings ("BS-30B" made by Arakawa Giken)
・2 pieces of 1.5m loop wire ・Acrylic 2mmUV acrylic ・Cardboard 1.5mm+3mm