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The 16.4mm frame width and rounded design allow the work inside to stand out.

It is a product that can be purchased at a reasonable price while maintaining the quality of "professional specifications" that has been adopted in many companies' promotional campaigns.

There are 5 color variations. In addition to inorganic and elegant silver and gold, we have a range of frame colors that are easy to match with any space, such as glossy neo-white, calm atmosphere Sotatsu and Indian Red.

Suggestions for how to use

・In particular, Sotatsu and Indian Red are frames that will not look out of place even when displayed in a Japanese-style room. Design calligraphy and copying of sutras, etc., are very popular as they tighten up the work when combined with Japanese-style works.

・Because of the color development including gold and silver, it is possible to color-code by rank such as "President's Award", "Gold Award", and "Bronze Award".