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It is a best-selling product that has been loved by many users for a quarter of a century since its release.

Gold lines on the inside and outside tighten the work.
In addition, the gold line is anodized, giving it a glossy and gorgeous impression.

There are 8 color variations and a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the frame color that suits any work or room.

In addition, we use domestically produced aluminum and manufacture it by skilled craftsmen in our own workshop in Kagoshima, so it is possible to produce large sizes that are difficult to make with wood.

Suggestions for how to use

・ Teak wood grain is easy to match with any size and work,
Particularly gorgeous items such as neo-white can also be used for framed scarves, framed certificates, welcome boards, etc.

・Sotatsu matches Japanese-style works such as calligraphy works and Japanese-style rooms.