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Frais means "fresh" and "new" in French.

The contrast between the frame's black leather and gold makes the work more elegant.

The wrapping applied to the surface is black leather, making it a unique frame that is rarely seen elsewhere.
The black leather gives a stylish and cool impression, and also has a luxurious feel.

In addition, the gold line running inside has a glossy feel,
It creates gorgeousness as an accent in a chic impression.

The width of the frame (25mm) makes it easy to use from small to large sizes.

Please enjoy the texture of the leather.

Suggestions for how to use

・The frame is easy to match with modern rooms.

・Perfect as a picture frame to decorate near a leather or synthetic leather sofa.

・It goes well with works such as monotone and highly original posters, photos, postcards, etc., and is ideal for giving an elegant finish.